City block of science and economy

Download the PDF version of the proposal (only in Finnish)

International city of science and economy

We believe that the success of Helsinki is founded on the cooperation of science, research and companies. Cooperation breeds innovation and growth. Lyyra would create an internationally attractive meeting place for science and companies in the heart of Helsinki. A meeting place in the centre of the city would attract world-class experts, allow ideas to spread faster and create user-centric solutions born out of genuine need.

Unique and distinctive area

The area of Hakaniemi and Kallio is one of the most vibrant and distinctive areas in the city thanks to its active residents, companies and organisations – and the area must be developed in a way that respects this distinctiveness. Lyyra, constructed on the terms of the area and the environment, would open a route into the heart of Kallio, provide new services for the residents of the area and improve the level of service. In the best-case scenario, it would act as a gateway to all of eastern Helsinki.

We are building a city where people and ideas meet.

HYY was founded to look after the students of the University of Helsinki. For this reason, we have already spent 150 years building a city where it is easy for people to gather together, come up with new ideas, discuss matters and have encounters. This is the kind of Helsinki we want to continue to invest in. Our activities are guided by transparency, responsibility and a long-term commitment to developing our properties and the city.

Take in Lyyra through a tour around the block

Download the PDF version of the proposal (only in Finnish)

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In collaboration with


Team Lyyra

HYY Group and the Student Union of the University of Helsinki
Antti Kerppola
Jussi Säynäslahti
Jannica Aalto
Ville Vaarala

Markku Hietala
Lauri Jokela

Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects

Tom Cederqvist
Juhani Suikki
Tomas Nordström
Anna Ryhänen
Leena Brooke
Vesa Jäntti
Johannes Laiho

Demos Helsinki
Juha Leppänen

Seppo Karppinen, liikenne
Suvi Saastamoinen, maisema
Juha Rantanen, RAK
Jukka Ala-Ojala, RAK
Ulla Sipola, GEO

Tom Blommendahl, LVIA
Nina Peltola, Kestävä kehitys

Geometria Architects
Markus Wikar

Juha Halme
Mikko Mälskä