Commercial Concept

All services from restaurants to bike repair shops

Should it be realised, Lyyra will become the most comprehensive local service centre in the area of Hakaniemi and Kallio. Its diverse services and activities, cosy places to hang out in and speciality goods trade have all been planned with the residents of the area and Lyyra’s future users in mind.

One street – lots of life

The pedestrian street will be filled with restaurants and cafés that create a clear and attractive combination at the centre of the block. Some of the restaurants will open into [PJ2] Lyyra’s hotel, allowing hotel guests to easily access the restaurant for lunch or dinner from the hotel lobby. The Royal Ravintolat restaurant chain will open Sfääri, a new rooftop restaurant that is completely novel to the area, on the top floor of Lyyra. The restaurant, connecting to the event centre, will feature a unique view over south Helsinki. A meeting place full of experiences will be born above the roofs of Hakaniemi and Kallio.

Food and drinks available from the basement to the roof

A K-Supermarket-sized convenience store will be opened on the basement floor, near the metro station, allowing users of the metro station to shop quickly and efficiently while providing a more extensive supply to locals. Stairs from the street level will also lead to a street-food-style restaurant complex on the basement floor. The diverse and straightforward nature of the restaurant complex is a great fit for the communal way of spending time in Kallio.