Frequently asked questions – LYYRA Q&A

Q: Why are the current properties that are used as office buildings being demolished? Why are the plots not taken into residential use?

A: The City of Helsinki is responsible for the decisions and main principles related to plot development. The current properties on both plots are technically and functionally old-fashioned, which is why demolishing them and replacing them with new buildings is necessary.

According to the competition guidelines of the City, the new buildings for the plot may include commercial, office and/or hotel facilities. We are building as many apartments as the competition programme allows us to: a maximum of 10 per cent of the total permitted building volume.


Q: How suitable is the Lyyra plan for the area from the perspectives of cityscape and architecture?

A: As per the objectives of the general plan, Lyyra would create opportunities for diverse jobs and services as well as better connect the area as part of the strategically important Pasila–Vallila–Kalasatama axis. Lyyra, constructed on the terms of the area and the environment, would open a route into the heart of Kallio and, in the best-case scenario, act as a gateway to all of eastern Helsinki.

The architectural idea of Lyyra is to create a harmonious and dynamic synthesis of urban structure, functions and human scale. Located on the grid of Kallio’s perimeter blocks, Lyyra is also an integral part of Unioninakseli. This is the foundation on which its identity and solutions are built on. Lyyra is influenced by the atmosphere of the Old and New Student Houses, while it also emulates the scale, façade rhythms and materials of its environment. Lyyra as a whole is in dynamic dialogue with the perimeter blocks of the grid plan and the Ympyrätalo and Arenan talo buildings all at the same time.


Q: Why is the proposal public only now?

A: In our communications, we have followed the City’s instructions, according to which the City publishes the winning proposal and the other proposals once the Urban Environment Committee’s agenda becomes public. Now that public discussion on the proposal has been made possible by the City, we are hoping for extensive discussions and feedback on Lyyra.


Q: Where will the parties operating in the current properties be relocated?

A: Possible arrangements and related contracts are a matter between the City of Helsinki and its tenants.


Q: How can I leave new questions for this page?

A: Send your question to with ‘QA’ as the subject, and we will publish an answer to it on this page as soon as possible.