Office concept

House of innovation

Besides a central location, Lyyra provides companies and their experts with a unique work community and a network that includes people interested in research, science and innovation as well as new cooperation opportunities. The shared facilities of the event centre can be used flexibly and are suitable for customer and media events as well as meeting and festive use. In addition to companies, the international day care centre HEI School will operate in the house of innovation.

Smart & Clean Foundation – testbed for smart and clean solutions

Smart & Clean Foundation is transforming the Helsinki region into the best testbed for smart and clean solutions in the world. Our goal is to create world-class breakthroughs that increase Helsinki’s international appeal. These breakthroughs  provide an example of how the opportunities created by digitalisation and circular economy help reduce emissions, make everyday life more straightforward and create a more pleasant living environment. These concepts, proven to work in the Helsinki region, act as references for companies and produce new business activity.


Loudspring is a Finnish venture investor and accelerator listed on OMX First North. It helps its portfolio companies with internationalisation. Loudspring, operating in Stockholm, Berlin and Los Angeles in addition to Helsinki, focuses on developing growth companies that solve global environmental challenges and is seeking profitable business activities from the more efficient use of energy and natural resources, for instance. HYY Group has signed a preliminary agreement with Loudspring on tailor-made premises in Lyyra for Loudspring and its more than ten portfolio companies.

Event centre

Sfääri is a combination of event centre and open restaurant, providing flexible meeting and event space for the tenants of the building on the 7th floor. The restaurant on the 8th floor is open to both the tenants of the building and the residents of the block and the entire city. HYY Group has a preliminary agreement on the restaurant with Royal Ravintolat.
Sfääri is an open meeting place for the entire city over the roofs of Kallio.