Apartments for international researchers

Home of international researchers

Lyyra provides guest researchers coming from all around the world with apartments located near the University, the city centre and the services offered by Lyyra. Researchers living or working in Lyyra will become residents of Helsinki in an instant as they join the open and international work and local community developing in the heart of Hakaniemi and Kallio.

Becoming local in an instant

The University of Helsinki supports the Lyyra project, aimed at connecting science, research and companies and getting people and ideas to meet. Lyyra, for its part, serves the University by providing apartments to its guest researchers coming from all around the world. The international HEI Schools kindergarten operating in Lyyra ensures that it is easy for researchers with a family to get settled in the area too.

Helsinki International Schools

Helsinki International Schools (HEI Schools), founded in 2015 in cooperation with the University of Helsinki, is the first holistic concept for offering the Finnish kindergarten experience on the international market. Along the way, however, it has become clear that there is a need for high-quality early childhood education content, well-chosen study materials, pedagogical continuing education and innovative spatial planning in Finland too – particularly in English.

HEI Schools is also a community of kindergartens operating all around the world. It is a growing network in which children, personnel and families can share their experiences on everyday life, life in general and learning in an international kindergarten. The first HEI Schools kindergarten was opened in Baotou, China, in September 2017, and the next two were opened in Melbourne and Guangzhou in September 2018.

Operating in English provides many families hailing from elsewhere with a route to a Finnish kindergarten. On the other hand, many Finnish families are also seeking an early childhood education environment that offers their child a second language. However, internationality is much more than just a language. For us, language is an instrument of interaction, a tool that helps us understand internationality – learning about and becoming familiar with other cultures and customs. HEI Schools is an international kindergarten where the common language of communication for all adults and children is English.